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niazaliahmed June 16, 2011 03:34

Multiphase Simulation giving wrong results
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I have a 2 D Rectangle. The geometry has been attached. Hexane flows inside the volume from Inlet and has a volume fraction of 1. Air is present initially inside the volume having volume fraction 1.

The following optional modules have been selected

Segregated Isothermal


Required Result
The actual result should be hexane liquid reaching the bottom and filling up the volume from bottom.

Simulation Result
The simulation result shows that the hexane liquid is not reaching the bottom but residuals are existing everywhere in the volume.

Does anyone has any idea whats wrong?

sebastianh June 16, 2011 06:34

Use the vof and the surface tension model plus a very fine hexaeder mesh.
And implicit unsteady... maybe constant density for both your phases, depends on your problem.
That should do it.

niazaliahmed June 17, 2011 00:41

Thanks sebastianh. I would try that today.

PS : That worked. Thanks..

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