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Caner June 22, 2011 05:33

2D mesh extraction problem
Dear all,

I am new to Star ccm, and I have problem with extraction 2d mesh from a 3d region.

I have modelled a basic 3d cube using 3d modeller in Star ccm, and renamed that cubes faces arbitrary(boundary conditions of every face is set randomly as well).Cube is meshed with Trimmer+surface remesher model. It is also aligned on the x-y plane (z=0 plane) in order to meet 2d mesh extraction requirements
The problem is when I convert 3d mesh into 2d, I just get 2d boundaries without continuum ( to explain this situation clearly I have attached screenshot below) . I also checked "Heated Fin Tutorial" and I applied every step of that tutorial into my case but I couldnt get 2d mesh like heated fin tutorial

Please check attached pictures below.

Thanks in advance
any help would be deeply appreciated.

Caner tutorials 2d mesh filled with continuum My 2d mesh doesnt have continuum.Just boundaries

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