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Raambi July 2, 2011 05:52

convergence criterium without normalization

im working on an free jet with STARCCM+ and try to get an converged solution.

In the Dokumentation of CD-Adapco they propose an criterium of 10^-3 for all Residuals.

For normalized Residuals i am nearly not able to keep this condition.

When i turning the normalizationoption off, it is no Problem to get Residuals under 10^-6.

What do u think is the better way to judge the Residuals. With normalization or without? And what do u think is the absolute value the residuals should fall under, when turning the normalization off?

Thanks for every help ;-) And if u dont understand because of my bad English skills ask and i will try to formulate the parts new.

Kind Regards

abdul099 July 10, 2011 05:38

I think, you should judge convergence by looking on some engineering values, not just residuals. For example, look on a mass flow through a boundary, lift or drag or whatever coefficients, or the values you are interested in.

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