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jlewenko July 22, 2011 04:18

airfan in duct

I have the duct with centrifugal fan. Could You help me how to take the fan into account without modelling the fan?

Best regards


abdul099 August 7, 2011 15:10

Create a region where the fan should be and assign an appropriate momentum source to that region.

jlewenko August 7, 2011 15:55


Thanks for Your reply. What You mean by momentum source?

Best regards

PS. I founded. But it is only available for axis fans? What with centrifugal fans?

abdul099 August 8, 2011 17:21

A momentum source should be independent from the design of the fan. It just adds a source for additional momentum to the momentum equations. Of course, this is just a simplification, but can often be used to take the effects of a fan into account without having to model the fan itself.

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