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famerfamer August 14, 2011 20:10

Pressure monitor for single points
Hey all,

Is there anyone who knows how to set up pressure monitor for a single point?

I know I need to create a report and then get a monitor and plot. But the problem is which value I need to choose when I create the report, maximum, surface average or something else?

Since I'm monitoring pressure value for a single point on a wall of a reator or vessel, surface average isn't correct. Furthermore, I need to monitor 4 diffrent points located on the same wall.

I'm trying to plot the pressure of each points as a fuction of iterations.


ping August 14, 2011 21:49

create a derived part of type Probe, Point at the required location. Then create a report with that part. A Max report will be fine of any field function.

famerfamer August 26, 2011 23:03

That's the way I did with and successful now. Thanks, Ping!

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