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eRzBeNgEl August 15, 2011 08:39

Entropy Field Function in CCM?
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Hi guys

I want to setup a field function which calculates me the entropy...

I know the basic equation is this:

s21 = cp*ln(T2/T1) - R*ln(p2/p1)

There is a more fundamental equation for calculation the Entropy in a "numerical" way, it is the sum of contributions due to viscous effects and thermal effects. sges = sviscous + sthermal

The equation is in the attachement

How can i implement this function as field function in CCM? I am new to this software, so i need a bit help...

greets and thanks

P.S.: Using a model with constant density...not ideal gas...

eRzBeNgEl August 16, 2011 03:23

Nobody has got an idea?

Generally, i just want to visualize the losses over a blade or some planes.....thougth the entropy is the right way to do this. Is this also with the Rothalpy possible?

zhangr August 20, 2011 22:30

Under the node of Tools>Field Functions, you can creating your own field function by right-clicking this node and selecting to create a new one. But note that, STAR CCM has its regulation to write a field function, so please consult the User's guide to resolve your problem. Hope that help.

eRzBeNgEl August 22, 2011 05:15


thanks for your reply, but my question was not how to setup a field function in general. I was looking for a "numerical" formulation of the entropy which is calculated in every point. I want to see the Entropy for example over the pressure side of a airfoil,...

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