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zawar August 19, 2011 19:42

HI Every body
I am designing a double pipe heat exchanger in which hot water is passing through the inner pipe and phase change material(Paraffin) is present in the outer pipe.I make my design in 3-D and I used two seperate meshes for both the pipes.I dont know which physics values are used for inner pipe as hot water is passing through the inner,when I used the melting/solidfication option,it doest work.I also define the interface between the two pipes.Both pipes are made up of copper.I dont know how to assign phase change material in the outer pipe and either it will be solid or liquid.I also see the tutorial for melting/solidfication tutorial in the help option of Star CCM,but cant find any solution
I will be very thankful, if any body help me for solving this problem

Waiting for someone response

abdul099 August 28, 2011 05:30

Set up a physics continuum for every material (liquid for the inner pipe and VOF with melting / solidification for the outer, like in the tutorial). Maybe you have to include the solid material, the copper of your pipe. (would have it's own physics continuum)

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