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zhangr August 20, 2011 22:52

Problems involved heat transfer inside a particle and its thermal degradation
Hello, guys!

Firstly, a brief description of my simulaiton: I want to inject a coal particle at the top of a reactor which is assumed to be a vertical tube, and with the influence of the gravity force, the particle will fall down. Before such, I would introduce the nitrogen gas at the bottom of the tube, which would be at the temperature of 600℃. So during the process of falling down of the particle, it will be heated by the gas, and at the same time, the degradation of the particle will occur. Particle track is tackled by Lagrangian approach, while the gas is dealed with by Eular one. My questions are below:
1. How to simulate the temperature distribution along the radius of the particle by the STAR ? Just as you know, the gas introduced from the bottom will heat the particle, but as a matter of fact, as an item whose volume could not be neglected, along the radius of the particle, there should be a temperature gradient.
2.How to simulate chemical reaction of the particle ? The reaction I want to simulate is such: Coal→Char + Volatile. This reaction will be one-order for all the species involved. Arrhenius equation will be used, and all the parameters to use are clear.
Is there anybody can give me some suggestions or instruction?

zhangr August 20, 2011 22:57

Before I forget, the version of software I used for my simulation is STAR CCM+6.02.

zhangr August 25, 2011 06:59

nobody has similar experience??

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