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eRzBeNgEl September 7, 2011 07:30

Auto Export Transient results?
Hi guys,

How can I export transient results in the following way....

My simulation is unsteady and ends at 0,02 s.

CCM should export ccm Result File with calculation of Timestep 0,014s. I just only want to create 6 Result files, so that the delta time step (between 0,014s - 0,02 s) is about 0,0001s

How can i get this?

And the next step, how can I create a little video with CCM? Is there a included "player" or something like that?

Thanks for help in advance

vishyaroon September 7, 2011 16:27

You can activate AutoExport and set the frequency (time step) with which you want to export.

For animations, we tend to activate the animation option in the scene and then write out the images. I put together the images in Windows Media player or a similar player to create an animation.

Hope this helps.

abdul099 September 12, 2011 18:31

You can also save images from your scenes without activating any animation and put it together with an external program. Just hardcopy after the desired number of time steps. (Activate "save to file" in the update node of a scene, you can also specify the frequency there)

For the first issue, auto export will be your friend. Just activate it right before the first auto export should happen. Either interactively or by java macro. First suggestion is easier, second one is still easy but more convenient.

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