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bhanu1810 September 29, 2011 13:13

torque calculation to find efficiency of fan
I have used mrf approach to simulate an axial fan and i want to find the efficiency of this fan. To do so I need 4 parameters (i.e del P, vol flow rate, rpm and torque). Can anyone tell, how I can find torque and which surface i should select to measure this torque value ?

abdul099 October 1, 2011 18:12

Create a moment report. The input surfaces for the report will be all blade surfaces which participate to the moment. Don't forget the rotating parts of the hub (when applicable).

bhanu1810 October 2, 2011 03:10

i saw this in ccm and it is working. Thanks a lot friend !!

gozdamar September 1, 2015 08:59

7 blades
Also ıf ı have seven blades how can ı calculate efficiency?

fluid23 September 1, 2015 12:01

gozdamar, number of blades is not a parameter for determining fan efficiency.

gozdamar September 2, 2015 03:58

I took only one so that the effıcıency of one blade means all systems efficiency yes?

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