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mr68 October 5, 2011 06:02

Star CCM+ License Problem

I'm having problems running a new presentation on CCM+, I have a license.dat file and it looks like it's not finding it.
I'm using lmtools (as someone in this forum said) and also tried to initialize the lm_license_file environment variable with the license file address. No way..

this is the error it gives me:

Licensing problem: Unable to list licensed features
FLEXnet error: (-1,359)

can anybody help me?

siara817 October 6, 2011 09:51

The license server
Is the license server, on your computer? or you connect to a main server?

mr68 October 6, 2011 11:12

there is no main server, the license file is on my computer

madhuvc October 6, 2011 13:26

did you include all those LM variables in your environment variables or path according to your OS..

mfurey68 October 10, 2011 09:18


I am fairly new to CFD, but I have been in contact with people at Cd-Adapco throughout the summer and the fall semester. I have heard that the FLEX licensing manager is not that great to work with. I have had very similar errors in the beginning, and thought that it was attributed to me moving my computer's location, but then after sending a couple of emails to Cd-Adapco they replied with a procedure that I now perform before I start any CFD sessions. I even have a short cut to the lmtools icon on my desktop.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Here is how you get there:
My Computer -> Local Disk(C: ) -> Program Files -> CD-adapco -> FLEXlm -> 11_7_0_0 -> bin -> lmtools

1. Click on 'Start/Stop/Reread' Tab
2. Click Check Box 'Force Server Shutdown'
3. Click Button 'Stop Server'
4. Click 'Start Server'

Rom1 July 25, 2012 06:49


I'm also on Windows 7 64 bits and have a problem for starting a CFD session with Star-CCM v 5.06.
the error message I have is " Server Process Ended unexpectedly (return code 1)" and it says in the output window
"Could not start STAR-CCM+ (CreateProcess error 2):
"C:\Program Files (x86)\CD-adapco\STAR-CCM+5.06.007\win32\intel11.1\star-ccm+.exe" -s2

I'm very new on Star-CCM, so any help will be welcome!

rwryne July 25, 2012 08:31

If you're having license issues, easiest thing is to call CD-Adapco's support line

ornitorenk January 29, 2017 04:34

could not connect scene graph socket
Hello all,

I have a problem with StarCCM+ 10.04.011 license file. Any support will be much appreciated!

I'm trying to activate CCM+ with local license file, I define the environment variable and it looks CCM+ recognize the license.dat.. However I'm getting "could not connect scene graph socket to XXX-PC:47827 from" just after seeing the simulation file in left panel and then CCM+ stopping the operation :(

ANy idea how to fix this issue?

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