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sieginc. October 25, 2011 03:50

creating baffles
I'm modeling a block within a duct that generates heat and is being cooled by forced convection. The goal is to experiment with different baffle designs around the block to help cool it. Initially I just created extruded cuts into the duct geometry to generate the internal surfaces for the baffle (just as I did with the block), but I don't think thats the proper way to do it.

It sounds like baffles can be generated by inflating a surface so that is has a thickness. I have a few questions regarding this. First, how does one incorporate a zero-thickness surface into the CAD model to begin with? It cannot be done by an extruded cut of a line. Also, does this surface need to be defined as a baffle interface before it is inflated?

abdul099 October 25, 2011 20:17

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You can import a surface from an external file, for example a stl file.
Another solution using only CCM+ would be to scratch with the left foot behind the right ear. Create a block or whatever, split the surfaces and create a new part from the surface you want. Pretty much complicated, I know. I would prefer the externally created surface from CAD when possible.

To inflate the surface, enter the surface repair mode. Choose "Offset Faces" from the drop down box. Select all faces you want to inflate, enter the right values on the top and give it a go.

You also might have a look on baffle boundaries. It's possible to define a surface as baffle (right-click on a boundary, create interface). This baffle can have some physical properties like heat conduction properties etc, maybe you can solve your problem without having to inflate and mesh your baffles.

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