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niknasri October 28, 2011 18:59

lmtools - change to default setting
Hi guys,

i keep on having this problem with the license, error message saying

"STAR-CCM+ Version 6.04.014 (win64/intel11.1)
License version: 23 Oct 2009
Required feature version set to 2011.06 or later
Licensing problem: Unable to list licensed features
FLEXnet error: (-1,359)"

at first, im using a license connected through cisco VPN vlient. everything is fine except i could not create a box to create the wind tunnel. some error message saying that it is due to the license that stop me from doing that. so i tried changing the settings on lmtools, but it dont solve the problem.

so now i want to change to the default setting back (by reading the license file by connecting through cisco VPM client) but i cant find any settings doing that. do you have any ideas on how to settle this problem?


abdul099 October 29, 2011 05:53

Did you change anything on the remote license server (which you access via Cisco VPN) or on a local license server? Can you still access the remote license server (log in, ping etc)? Is there still a local license server running?

niknasri October 29, 2011 11:17

no, i just change the path for lmgrd.exe and license file in the lmtools only. and when i change this, the service name also change.

now i still can connect to the server via cisco VPN but star ccm wont take the license from it. even when i try to start new simulation on star ccm without connecting through cisco VPN, it still give me the error message as posted.

my prediction is there is something wrong with the settings of my computer because with/without cisco vpn connection, it gives me the same error message.

niknasri November 2, 2011 10:02

anybody else have any idea on this matter?

abdul099 November 5, 2011 16:14

Could you describe your system structure a little more? I'm still struggling to understand what should run on which machine...

niknasri November 6, 2011 10:03

thanks abdul099, i think i have solve my problem. i uninstall the software and also cleaned my registry system. i think the registry file for this software is the culprit. the settings is being saved in there. so when i have deleted it, now it has gone back to default settings.

thank you for spending your time to help me abdul099. btw, do you know is there any other way to create a wind tunnel other than Representations-Import-RC-Create Surface-Create Block Surface?

abdul099 November 11, 2011 15:20

Yes, there are much better ways.
I recommend to create the wind tunnel either on part level or when it's more complicated than a block, in 3D CAD modeller. Just create the block there, combine (NOT boolean - merge) it with the part you want to simulate in your wind tunnel (e.g. a car, plane, house, bottle of wine or what you ever want to simulate) and split by surface topology.

You should finish geometry preparation of your geometry on part level before creating regions.
First advantage is the underlying CAD geometry when importing a native CAD format or parasolid. This will increase geometrical accuracy of your mesh while meshing, as vertices could be projected back to the CAD surface. So the accuracy of your remeshed surface doesn't depent on the triangulation of your imported surface.
Second advantage is, you can easily go a step back and do some operations again, without having to do all the stuff done earlier on the imported surface representation again and again.

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