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anjani November 12, 2011 07:06

MAV (Micro Aero Vehicle) Propulsion system
hey Guyz,

Can anyone suggest me some link which can be helpful for my project i.e. Propulsion System of a MAV. I have to model the propeller to get maximum thrust by optimising Blade Dia, no. of blades and diff parameters.

Also can anyone suggest me where i can find experimental data so taht i can verify my STAR-CCM+ results.

Please, do suggest whatever suggestion you have.


abdul099 November 13, 2011 20:02

Ever heard something about using search engines?
My first thought is to narrow down the parameters by starting with some simple design software since starting the design process with CFD takes too long.
Using the world biggest search engine and choosing the first hit gives
Third one:
Fith onoe:

There are plenty of pages, just use a search engine to search for pages related to scale modelling.

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