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cfd_88 November 16, 2011 17:24

Spray Analysis for a Dosing system
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I am new to Star CCM+. I took a training at CD_Adapco for the basic introduction classes.

My project is now to analyze the spray characteristics of a Diesel dosing system/ Diesel injector.

A small pictorial description of it is attached in a word document.

Can someone please suggest how to go about this project and what physics model to use and what boundary conditions to use etc..

Main idea behind the project is to analyze the spray (which you see is coming out from the slot). There is a spring actuated valve which when actuated sprays fuel through the slot/nozzle. We need to determine the spray/cone angle, spray droplet size, track the spray particles. The fuel inject is : DIESEL.

cfd_88 November 16, 2011 23:27

Can someone please help with a short guideline? Thanks a million!

Pauli November 17, 2011 13:22

Sounds like an Eulerian multi-phase analysis. That would place you at the bleeding edge of technology. In other words more a research project than production analysis. Predicting the cone angle & droplet sizes is rather challenging. Those parameters are usually input to a spray analysis problem.

A year or two ago cd-adapco was promoting a research effort for just this sort of analysis. I don't know what happened to the project.

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