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Surfboy November 21, 2011 01:07

Mesh quality assesments

I tried to search in prior questions but surprisingly did not find:

When i build a model, and mesh it, how can i tell if the mesh is good enough?

Assuming i dont want to wait for the run to end and then mesh finer and finer until it seems the change is neglegable.

i am running a flow around a ship.

I know i should check that Y+ is lower then about 100 and courant # is lower then 1. where can i find some reading material about it?...


abdul099 November 21, 2011 04:21

There is no general rule how to define a mesh as a "good" mesh. It seems, you have to invest the time and wait for the run to end and refine. Or you need a colleague or somebody else with expertise in simulating ships and give you some hints, but that's hard since there might be some side effects etc. as long as it is no simple reference case like an Ahmed body for external aero.
And especially Y+ can only be plotted when some "realistic" velocity field has established, so for that you need to run it at least once to see about your Y+ values.

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