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vinvalt December 13, 2011 11:06

non-manifold error
I want to obtain my fluid domain by either extracting the internal volume or using the boolean operation substract or intercepts on my geometry which I imported under; import CAD Model. However all my attempts resulted in error stating on one hand,
"feature execution failed, non manifold body extracted"
and on the other hand,
"feature execution failed, substractbodies: substract will produce non manifold body"
can you help me with a step by step method of dealing with these two scenarios so as to obtain the fluid domain.

Also what are the steps for dealing with free edges and non-manifold edges and vertices

abdul099 January 2, 2012 19:54

I can't provide a step-by-step method since I don't know anything about your geometry. All I can try is giving some hints. When your imported part has some free edges or some other errors, try to get rid of them before importing the geometry (when possible). Otherwise import your geometry on the part level (not CAD modeller) and repair all errors by hand before performing boolean operations.

Again I can't give you any step-by-step methods how to get rid of free edges, non-manifold edges or non-manifold vertices since it depends on your geometry. Sometimes you can fill free edges, you might zip some, you might make an intersect and delete some faces etc... Try to understand what a free edge, a non-manifold edge etc. means and you will see what to do.

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