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amish February 10, 2012 12:04

Particle Residence Time Distribution
Hey guys,

I'm using Star-CCM+ to try and find the residence time distribution through at two different points in my model. I have set up boundaries at the two points where I would like the readings to be made and am using the "Lagrangian Multiphase" model to model liquid H2O particles, however I have not been having much luck.

Essentially the aim of the particle tracking is to create a graph like the one shown below that shows residence time distribution.

When trying to gather data, I have encountered numerous problems and uncertainties which I hope anyone can help with.

1) When selecting models, would the track file or boundary sampling be better to use?
2) When creating a surface injector, the input surface is selected but when displaying particle tracks, they appear nowhere near the input surface
3) Am I able to introduce a step impulse of particles entering the fluid. Not a constant steam of particles. Maybe using a table?
4) Essentially how do I go about producing such a graph using plots?

Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.


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