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ULAero February 10, 2012 14:23

Wingmesher tool???? help
Hi all,
I am a student, completing my final year project (FYP), on multi-element aerofoils, the ones used by the AC45 (Americas Cup) wingsail.

I have a problem with the wingmesher tool in star CCM+.
the problem is it just will never work, I keep getting errors such as floating points etc.

The areofoils I am using are a NACA0016, 4.3m chord, and a NACA 0010 aerofoil, 4.3m chord, the distance between the two is 30mm and both are inline creating a camber of 12 degrees. the AOA is 18 degrees. I was hoping to model them as a unit length, with the boundaries acting as an infinite wing.

The results i need are jus Cl, Cd and pressure distribution vs overall chord length.

I have run an analysis without the wingmesher tool on a NACA0012 so as to benchmark my results, with no problems.

Any advice or guide would be very much appreciated, i have looked at the tutorials and i cant find the problem????????

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