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TrII4d February 20, 2012 18:07

Adsorption in star ccm+
hello everybody,

i want to simulate the adsorption of butan in an activated carbon canister.
my problem is, that i dont know, how i can define, that the butan adsorp with the activated carbon.

i tryed it with a porous region as cleaner ... but i can't define the "porous intertial resistance" and the "porous visous resistance" for only butan (i just use "multi-component-gas")

so what i want is, that my multi-component-gas goes threw the cleaner but the butan will be adsorp ... has anybody an idea?

maybe is a tutoral for this problem in the star ccm+ guide an i didn't saw it?!

thanks a lot fpr any help!!!

best regards!

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