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Apocolapse February 25, 2012 09:52

Vortex shedding comparing tools
I am trying to compare the vortex shedding of a cylinder across multiple simulations run at low Re, and how it is affected by flow around the free end of a cylinder.
The base model is two-dimensional, representing an infinite cylinder, and the others are 3D, the variables are length (changing L/D (higher L/D obviously less vortex distortion near the centre of the cylinder)) and the shape of the free end (flat or domed).

I have run all the simulations successfully, but do any of you know what would be the best analysing tools to compare the vortex shedding? I currently only have visible means (vorticity, lambda squared etc) and the lift coefficient on the cylinder, so I can find the frequency of shedding (hence the strouhal number).
Are there any other methods I can use to get quantifiable data to compare/analyse?

I would really appreciate any help, no matter how small! A kick in the right direction would be better than nothing :o

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