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hiddenbunny February 27, 2012 13:55

Best practice for AutoCAD
Hi there,

I am wondering whether anyone has an easy way to important 3D autocad architectural building models to Star CCM+. The problem has been that since these models are for architectural purposes only, unlike stuff done in ProE/solid works, the surface is always messy with bunch of stuff you don't need.

If someone has done a bunch of these and have suggestion on a best practice I am all ears.

Thank you!

abdul099 March 4, 2012 16:55

Either clean up the geomety in autocad or try the surface wrapper.

hiddenbunny March 5, 2012 10:45

already doing that, that's why I am asking if there was "best practice". I suppose if this is the best practice then we are out of luck

abdul099 March 7, 2012 18:04

For Star-ccm+ there is no difference whether a geometry is build with Pro/E, Autocad or any other CAD program. It just reads in what's in the CAD file.
When the surface wrapper doesn't work for you, you need to clean it up manually (either in Autocad or manual surface repair in ccm+).

But for sure there will be no red, shiny button to press which solves all issues, no matter what kind of physics you want to solve.

When I want to get a beer without getting up of the couch, I might send my girlfriend to the fridge. But when that doesn't work, I can ask for a best practise as long as I want - I have to get up or I won't get a beer.

To translate it to an engineers language: Every simulation starts with a geometry, and every geometry needs to be clean before you can proceed to the next step. There might be best practices which details you can reject or for the general setup or how to specify boundary conditions. But for sure there is no best practise how do get your job done without any effort. You need to clean up the geometry, and that's manual work. Period.

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