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James88 February 28, 2012 10:15

Cylinder Mesh and Physics models!

I am undertaking a small side-module at my college involving Star CCM+.

Our task for this is to create a cylinder with vortex shedding off of it, we are meant to use a quite low reynolds number (I have chosen 200).

My questions are:
What would be the best meshing models for the cylinder? And what sizes would you advise for the best mix of good results, but not huuge simulation time?

What physics models should I use? I assume that because the Re number is low, the model should be Laminar, constant density, segregated flow etc?

Many thanks to you all!

Oh, and its a 2D model at the moment, maybe 3D later, are there any things I should change when transitioning between the two?

Thanks :)

James88 February 28, 2012 10:18

oh and sorry for such a basic question :o

We all have to start somewhere!

sanjay February 29, 2012 00:35

try this >>>>>


James88 February 29, 2012 07:35


Originally Posted by sanjay (Post 346807)

Hi Sanjay! Thanks for the response. That document is very useful for my mesh! I have even adapted it to use the trimmer wake refinement rather than the volume shape, so I am learning steadily!

My other question is, they are using a turbulent model, whereas I think mine should be modelled as laminar? (Because the Re is 200). BUT, a friend of mine just suggested we use a transient model, like k-epsilon with turbulence suppression before the cylinder, to model vortex shedding from the cylinder?
Do you back up his idea, or is he wrong? I am achieving shedding with laminar, but I am now concerned whether it should be modelled with turbulence!

Many thanks

Also, your blog is very interesting, aerospace is an area I am certainly looking to do a degree related to!

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