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onlyacan March 13, 2012 12:49

How to model Eulerian multiphase and Species Conservation at the same time?
Hallo ,everyone

I am going to model a solidification process.
I use the Multiphase segregated flow model to model the solidified phase and melt phase. These phases are all of multi-components.

Problem is : When the Multiphase segregated flow model is selected, the Multi-Component Liquid models can not be selected.

That's to say, in starccm+, How can I solve the species conservation equations while the mass conversation equations with volume fractions are solved?

Thank you very much if any one have those experience

siara817 March 13, 2012 13:38

Can you explain more?
After you selected the Multiphase model you can determine the material you need.
Check the tutorial for the Eulerian.

onlyacan March 14, 2012 07:22

Thank you very much for your reply

problem description: two phase flow with two components

I want to model a solidification problem, the material is a melt. Its two components are iron and carbon. Carbon can diffuse and convect in the melt.
I use Multiphase segregated flow to model the phase change(from liquid to solid), in each phase, at the same time I want to know the carbon distribution in the melt, so I have to solve the species conservation equations for each Euler phase(melt and solid).

In the Material selection, Multi-Component Gas and Multi-Component Liquid models can solve the species equation, but in a single phase. Beside them, Multiphase Mixture can be choosen. So I choose Multiphase Mixture. Then under the Multiphase Flow Model there are two models, one is Multiphase Segregated flow, another is Volume of fluid (VOF). This is the problem! I want to solve the species equations with Multiphase segregated flow model. But if I use Multi-Component Liquid model I can't not choose Multiphase Mixture at the same time.

siara817 March 14, 2012 09:28

In the icon, Multiphase Interaction you need to define the two interchages ( carbon-melt and carbon-solide).

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