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TrII4d March 26, 2012 10:11

Export the scalar value for all elements as *.Csv file
Hello everybody,

I want to export the scalar value (f.ex. Temperature) for every element in a sepcific region into a *.csv file. Also, the Value should be export for each timestep.

The result should like this example:

|Element No.| |Timestep| |Temperature|
____1_____________1_________300 K
____2_____________1_________300 K
____3_____________1_________300 K
____1_____________2_________310 K
____2_____________2_________305 K
____3_____________2_________300 K

Can anyone explain me, how I can export the results for each timestep ?



ryancoe March 26, 2012 14:00

You'll need to write a macro to output a table at every time step. Record yourself exporting the values, and then create a loop. Of course you'll also need to go little deeper to get the exact format you're looking for.

It may also be possible to use v7's new Solution History function, although I don't know much about it yet so I can't really say for sure.

TrII4d March 26, 2012 15:41

hi ryancoe,

at first, thanks for your fast replay!


Originally Posted by ryancoe (Post 351567)
... Record yourself exporting the values, ...

that is one of my problems .... i have s scalar scene of my temperature ... how I can export the values for each element in the region?



DanHamilton March 27, 2012 04:24

Tools>Tables>New Table>XYZ Internal Table


TrII4d March 27, 2012 12:12

Thanks DanHamilton ... that was it!


Muster June 1, 2016 08:03

export scalar and region as .csv
I would like to export scalar datas for special regions in star ccm+ , how can I do this?

The table should look like:

Surface Average | (Temperature in K)
Head | 233
Torso |194
Leg |210

Thanks for your help!

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