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Sid12 April 7, 2012 07:47

Drop Test/ Water Re-entry

I am completely new to Star CCM+ and am facing some difficulty in working on my mini-project. The project is about drop test conducted on a rigid sphere.

I'll briefly outline the requirements of the projects followed by where I am stuck while modelling that in Star CCM+. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Requirements of the project:

-> A solid sphere is dropped from a certain height into water
-> Study the stess on the sphere during impact
-> Velocity profile of the sphere
-> Trajectory fo the sphere
-> Visualization of the splash patter that occurs as a result of the impact

Now what I am unable to do (once again I must mention that I am completely new to the software and am not able to relate whatever content there is in the tutorials to this project of mine):

-> Create this water-air interphase and simulate the sphere being dropped from air to water
-> I don't know what Physics models are relevant for this kind of an assignment
-> How to visualize the splash pattern

I request anyone who has some idea about how to achieve this to please contribute. Thanks a lot in advance.


lava12005 April 8, 2012 02:45

Hi, I am not an expert Star-CCM+ user, but I suggest you can start off with the basic tutorial that is provided inside the software (this is to get used to the GUI and Star-CCM+ features).
Start with the cyclone separator tutorial to get the idea on how to use the software and then you can go with more advanced tutorial for example the multiphase (DFBI: Boat in Head Waves) or any other tutorial, the more you do the more you will be familiar at least with the software.
As for your case, I think you can try the new tutorial about overset mesh (DFBI: Lifeboat with Overset Mesh) where an object is dropped from certain height into the water, looks like similar with what you want to achieve..

Good luck! :)

ryancoe April 11, 2012 14:35

One of my colleagues is in the process of publishing a paper on this topic. The physics are fairly challenging. There were some experiments of this phenomenon done at MIT not too long ago that you might want to look into if you're interested in validating your results.

Deepak Bansal July 17, 2013 07:15

you can do this problem just do tutorials boat in head waves............
i have done kind of similar problem to u

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