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vetnav April 13, 2012 12:02

Failed to Set Up Power on Demand

I have a Power on Demand License. I have installed STAR-CCM+7.02.008 on my laptop (Windows 7 64 bit). I followed the steps to setup power on demand license.
After launching STAR-CCM+, I go to File -> New simulation and select "serial" and under the license "PoD session." I get the following output

Starting local server: starccm+ -server -power -podkey <unset> -licpath
Serial process 3932

STAR-CCM+ Version 7.02.008 (win64/intel11.1)
License version: 10 Oct 2011
Required feature version set to 2012.02 or later
Checking license file:
PoD database message : -20001 FAILED_TOKEN_NOT_RECOGNIZED
Failed to get all licenses needed for this job. Asked for 1 licenses of ccmppower

To me it appears that I am missing the personalized license for my machine. So, I downloaded the lmulti file to get the host id. But, when I run the command lmulti.exe lmhostid I get the following error
'lmulti.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I have contacted the support team but not heard from them, they might be very busy. Could anyone explain me what is wrong.

Thank you

TMG April 13, 2012 16:13

It says -podkey <unset> meaning you have not set your personal key that identifies you uniquely. You have to get the key from the support site and then you have to set the appropriate env variable with that key.

vetnav April 13, 2012 17:49


Thank you very much for the reply. This is the first time I am trying to work with STAR_CCM+ so I am little confused and frustrated with all these errors.

In my support page, I went to Real Time License but I don't see any podkey. Do I have to create this key? I see an option to create license key under manage keys.

When I try to create it, it asks me things like Alias, valid from, IP address restriction, max hours. I don't how all this works. The document I received from support team does not give any guidelines to create licenses. In the first email I got from the support it said "If this is the first time that your company has been provided with Real time credit, a new token has been automatically generated for you." Is this token same as podkey you were talking about? I can't find any token or podkey.

Thank you

vetnav April 13, 2012 18:13

Thanks TMG,

I figured it out. I can use STAR-CCM+ now :)

TMG April 13, 2012 20:36

Glad you figured it out. Don't be afraid to call CD-adapco support if they don't get back to your email quickly enough.

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