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Jimmy123 April 16, 2012 23:17

How to monitor surface temperature at different locations?
I'm studying the heat transfer from air to a solid. I would like to compare (willingly by comparing plots) the results from the simulations with results from real experiments where I have measured the surface temperature at different locations. I was thinking that I could use probe points and drag them to the correct locations while using "snap to part", but then I saw that they don't snap to the boundary as I first thought with "snap to part" ticked.

So, how should I do instead? Divide the surface boundary into several small boundaries and take the surface average at those boundaries?

hamzamotiwala April 17, 2012 01:42

Hey Jimmy,

I think you should select the respective region/part in the "Input parts".(this is for probe points)

then click on "snap to part" and then turn it off again. This way the selection box snaps to the selected region or part containing the desired surfaces. Now you can just drag the point on the surface wherever you want.

and if you have the coordinates from your test rig then it will be much easier else you can approximate it according to your judgement.

I think this helps.


Jimmy123 April 17, 2012 05:52

Thank you for answering, but I had tried that already. Unfortunately, the parts are bending, so I get allot of space outside the part where I can accidently put the point.

Anyway, I got a superb tip from a friend that I would like to share. If I push the"." button, the output prompts the position of the mouse if I have it in a scene. So now I can easily write the position of my point probes manually. Problem solved!

siara817 April 18, 2012 05:50


If you measured in a line, then you can define a line probe first.
Then in the monitor, create a plot (xy-plot), change the axes to Scalar , use the line probe as one axis and a function as another axis.

Good luck

Jimmy123 April 24, 2012 16:48

Thank you for the tip, I will have that in my mind next time!

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