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hamzamotiwala April 17, 2012 01:48

Porous Medium Question
Hey Friends,

I defined a part of my geometry as a seperate porous region. The output velocity from the porous region is approximately 20m/s lesser than what its suppose to be.

I tried changing the porosity, the dissipation rate, the material properties, the resistances..i just cant seem to get the right combination or hit the right option.

The porous medium also acts as a heat sink. I use the material properties of aluminium.

Does anyone have any idea with what settings can I increase the output velocity from the porous medium?


ping April 20, 2012 02:55

first turn off porous media and ensure you achieve a reasonalbe flow - if this does not happen then addiing resistance is not going to improve it!
then with porous on start with very low values for viscous and inertial coefs eg .001 - might be unstable, and slowly increase them until to get near you required flow rate.

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