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yss October 15, 2012 14:17

STAR-CD tutorial 16(LES of turbulent channel flow)
I am trying to do tutorial 16.2(LES of turbulent channel flow). I am able to run the code successfully. But, while post processing I am using my stand alone code to average the velocity over each slice in y-direction by processing the exported tecplot data file. I am observing a 10% error in the results.
But, when I run the MACRO script given in the tutorial I get the correct results.
I tried to check the MACRO script and observed that while averaging the LES data the velocity is added for a cell set of 1350 for each y-slice and is being divided by (30x50=1500). I think this is where the 10% error is vanishing.
Did anybody had a similar problem? Does anybody know the reason behind it?
I even checked the velocity at the midplane which is over 21 m/s but in the plot from star-cd the maximum goes to about 19 only.

yss October 15, 2012 14:19

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