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lost.identity November 29, 2012 06:25

Assigning values to an additional scalar variable

In my simulations I include an additional scalar variable, say, T (this is not a transported quantity). I obtain the value of T in densit.f, via some equation like SCALAR(IT) = 300, where IT is the integer number assigned to this particular scalar.

Now, I'm wondering whether STAR will store this value of T, which can later be read during post-processing.


Pauli November 29, 2012 11:53

Was the scalar defined in Prostar (sc,x,defi..)? If so, I'd expect it to get stored in the output (.ccmp) file. For a transient run, you must request the scalar be output to the .ccmt file.

If this is something you are creating in a user subroutine and trying to place into the STAR SCALAR array, I would not necessarily expect it to appear in the output files. It may. But I wouldn't automatically expect it.

lost.identity November 29, 2012 13:20

Thanks, yes it's defined in Prostar. It's a transient simulation and I have requested to post values to .ccmt file. As a test, I just ran a sample run with 10 iteration but it doesn't seem to output the correct number, just gives me zero. I'll have another look at the code.

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