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lost.identity March 3, 2013 14:55

cyclic boundary conditions
Hi, I'm trying to create cyclic boundaries for an axisymmetric cylinder with swirl. I made it only 1-cell thick (with 1 degree angle). I seem to get errors every time I try to set cyclic BCs.

I created two cyclic boundary surfaces and then try to match them. The way I create these cyclic boundary surfaces is by using the option "Create by picking surface based on Vset". What I essentially did was to select a cell on one side to create one cyclic surface and I did the same thing for the other side. I matched them next, which doesn't give me any errors. But it gives me a huge list of errors when I try to save the geometry file. Is there a simple way to do this without selecting vertices?

Pauli March 4, 2013 11:04

Sounds like you correctly created the cyclic pairs - first make two cyclic regions then cymatch the two regions.

What are the errors?

lost.identity March 5, 2013 09:53

Thanks for the reply Pauli. I started all over again and now I'm able to save the file without any errors. Previously, I got the following error many times when I try to save the geometry.


1, 36001, 72001, 108001, 144001

When I was doing this before I deleted the cyclic boundaries I had defined earlier but I guess they didn't get properly deleted, so I re-did the mesh again and created the boundaries again.

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