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GluckMaker July 9, 2013 07:55

OpenGL rendering problems in PROSTAR

We use STAR-CD 4.16 in both Linux and Windows, and both have minor, but annoying problems with 3D visualisation in PROSTAR. These problems arise only if "GL" is enabled, otherwise everything is fine, but very slow.

The Linux machines run Red Hat Enetrprise Linux 6.3, NVidia Quadro 4000 videoadapter and HP Remote Graphics software (users work with them from remote workstations). The problem is, when I use the "Capture display" command from menu, the resulting image contains not only the 3D scene, but also some traces of menu. SCDUMP command works correctly. I tried to enable "BackingStore" option in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but it didn't help. Also, I didn't test it personally, but I heard there was the same problem on an another machine without Remote Graphics, with a directly connected display.

On the Windows machines, there is Windows 7 Ultimate and the same video card. On some machines Ansys 14.5 is installed together with STAR-CD. Screen capture works good, but on the computers containing Ansys there is the another problem: when I select something with a mouse in PROSTAR, there is a track behind the cursor/selection (see sceenshot). A small portion of image duplicates when the mouse moves, and it makes the image unreadable until it is redrawn. On machines without Ansys, everything is fine.

There are no both problems if the "GL" button is turned off. Any suggestions, please?

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