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PLP3A_ENSIAME August 1, 2013 10:37

Splashing Droplets
Good afternoon,

I'm working in the BAI's impingement model on droplets. I'm trying to create my own rebound model in the subroutine DROWBC. I'm computing a rebound model with fragmentation like the BAI's model. This is my approach :

One "mother" parcel arrives on a wall with its characteristics (diameter DRD, number of droplets RNDP, velocity components UD,VD,WD, ...) and splashes on the wall to give a "daughter" parcel with new characteristics (DRD,RNDP,UD,VD,WD, ...). My problem is that after calculating news characteristics of my "daugter" parcel in DROWBC, I can't manage to associate them to my parcel that rebounded on the wall. Indeed, when I plot the number of droplet in my parcel after splashing in the particule track panel, I don't read the count expected.

Do I have to specify these new characteristics somewhere else than in DROWBC ? I looked at the DROICO subroutine but this is only for initial conditions of my injection.

Can someone shed any light on this?
Thak you.

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