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Jithin February 26, 2018 00:15

analysis of 3D sector of piston
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How can we analyse sector of a 3D piston in star cd , without creating 2d template.. I mean how can we analyse a piston with tangential holes into the compression chamber..I have provided an image for the same....when i created the spline , i didn't get a proper spline..both images are provided..

kindly help :) :)

AbhiAc August 3, 2018 17:47

If you are still looking for an answer. For the es-ice sector tool, it has to have rotational symmetry.

cnaksoy August 9, 2018 05:07


I don't know what you can try to fix your issue.
but I am curious about that hole :) could you explain me shortly what the purpose of that hole is if it is not confidential?

maybe a link for an article etc.

thank you.

AbhiAc August 9, 2018 05:53

Hi Cnaksoy, that was also on my mind. I would think the hole would increase soot and probably also undermine the swirl in the first place.

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