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kube March 16, 2009 08:18

velocity components of dispersed phase in posdat.f
Hi! Somebody know answer on a question:How to receive velocity components (UD,VD,WD) of dispersed phase in the subroutine postad.f?

labinansan December 4, 2009 09:11

about posdat.f
Dear I have the same problem, did you get the solution of problem.

Pauli December 4, 2009 13:12

In 3.26, they are not available. I don't know about 4.xx.

As a workaround, they are available in dropro.f. You can grab the vaules, put them in an array & pass it to posdat via a common block.

Here is sample code for the dropro.f part:

DIMENSION DrpVel(mxDrp,3)

DrpVel(IDR,1) = UD
DrpVel(IDR,2) = VD
DrpVel(IDR,3) = WD

Put the same dimension & common statements in posdat.Be careful in which posdat "level" you try to use the infomation. It's only good for the end of step posdat call.

mepgzzi November 24, 2010 02:41

you can also get them from drobrk.f by sharing them in common blocks.

I also tried and used DRV(ID,1/2/3),corresponding to UD/VD/WD, it seems that then can be directly obtained from posdat.f

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