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amar March 20, 2009 20:53

low reynolds number K-epsilon model

I need to know which turbulence model in Fluent is equivalent to the low Reynolds number K-epsilon model available in Star-CD.

I appreciate your answer and I'm looking forward for your reply.
Thanks a lot.

A_Lyaskin March 21, 2009 14:21

That's a difficult question because you need access to both Fluent and Star-CD manuals to answer it. If you're a Fluent user, may be it will help - Star-CD methodology refers to this paper when describing low-Reynolds k-epsilon:

Lien, F.S., Chen, W.L., and Leschziner, M.A. 1996. ‘Low-Reynolds-Number Eddy-ViscosityModelling Based on Non-Linear Stress-Strain/Vorticity Relations’, Proc. 3rd Symp. on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements, Crete, Greece

amar March 23, 2009 08:24

Thanks a lot
Thank you very much for your reply

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