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ck5285 April 22, 2009 23:57

Star-CD vs Flow-3D?
Hi All Users
Would like to understand if anyone has performance benchmark studied between Star-CD vs Flow-3D? especially focus on VOF and moving meshing options. Thanks in advance

ck5285 April 28, 2009 00:14

Hi anyone can help to advice? thanks in advance.

Plucino April 28, 2009 12:48

you should focus on STAR-CCM+ rather than STAR-CD - see
I can not help you with benchmark data. It could help people to help you, if you could specify what kind of application you have in mind and what parameters are you looking for (resistance, etc.)

ck5285 April 28, 2009 20:54

I'm actually looking at simulation that similar to Inkjet modeling. where the fluids droplets is generated through piston moving effect while moving from one point to others. So, do you have any idea? This will need both VOF and dynamic meshing technic, so i'm now consider Star-CCM+ vs Flow-3D, which will provide better accuracy and faster simulation time.

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