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hamoudi May 26, 2009 05:44

Export Msh fron ICEM CFD 11 to Star-CD4.06
Good Morning Everybody,

I have 2D simulation, i made the 2D Hexa Mesh in ICEM-CFD 11 to solve it
in Star-CD 4.06, but when i try to Export this mesh by selecting the solver
Star-CD 4.06 I receive this error Message ***
************************************************** **
Running ANSYS-ICEM CFD 11 Star- CD 4 interface vers11.0.1
Error exit This Interface only supports 3D Mesh
Error in Translation
************************************************** **

Please if someone can help me, I am in a waiting for your response
I have lost a lot of time

Thanck you very Much

xamo May 28, 2009 07:19

as you can read in the Message, you need a 3D mesh for STAR CD. So extrude the 2D Mesh in ICEM one cell layer and do the export again.

vishyaroon May 28, 2009 07:37

What if you export a STAR 3.26 readable mesh, read the mesh in STAR CD 3.26. Then if you create a mdl file, see what happens when you open the mdl file in STAR 4.06.

I not have tried this for 2D geometries, but have had to do something like this where I cannot go directly to STAR 4.06.

I guess that since STAR CD 4.0x was designed to read in CCM meshes, which includes polyhedral meshes, we often run into such problems when dealing with 2D geometries.

murash-v June 12, 2009 14:31

Hi. I usually done this by file.CGNS

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