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nottoforget July 10, 2009 02:57

Please help me with launching Pro-Star)
I'm trying to start working in StarCD for 3 days with no success(( First I tryed version 3.24 and then 4.02. And in both of them I had problem with openning prostar. Every time I click the button "Launch Pro-Star" I see a message:

Error opening file param.prp. IT Probably does not exist. A new param.prp will be written automatically based on the .mdl file being opened.
License version 09-oct-2004
Checking license file: С:/Program Files/CD-adapco/STAR-CD/licese/lisense.dat
Feature prostar eqpires in 3650000 days
License file problem: license corrupted

:( so I don't know what to do . If anyone had the same problem or knows what I can do with this, please write, I'll be very grateful.

Pauli July 10, 2009 09:47

The message indicates you have a corrupt license file. Contact cd-adapco user support.

usker July 10, 2009 21:44

As I can see, you are trying to use Star-CD illegally. Contact cd-adapco user support and get a legal license.

nottoforget July 16, 2009 15:02

Thank you very much, the problem has been solved already))) This was because I had a previous version of Star-CD on my PC, and the new one tried to use the old lisence file. So it's OK now)

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