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Blanco July 10, 2009 04:20

Eq. Imbalance problem
Hi everybody,

I'm doing an ice-simulation with injection (Star 3.26) and in the .info file I get:

WARNING #57 Equation of state imbalance at cell xxx is yyy

where yyy it's about 1e-2... The time step is very low: 0.005 CA and I'm running a 2000 rpm...
I don't know if this is a big problem for my sim (I want to sim also the combustion process...!) but I would know why it happens...and how I can act to avoid such a problem.

And also...what do you actually do when you get a WARNING #042 *** PROCESS NOT FULLY CONVERGED...SC1 (my fuel vapor)??? With time steps = 0.01 I get it and I've tried to underelax that scalar to 0.5 but it seems it doesn't work...


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