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nottoforget July 23, 2009 16:01

The pro-STAR window doesn't fit the screen of my PC =(
I have version 4.08 and there is a rather strange problem with the Pro-STAR window.
Usually when I choose the options of Pro-STAR Model Guide like "Create 3D Grids" or "Import Boundaries" the opening panel is short enough to fit the hight of the screen. So then I can push the "Apply" button without any problems.
BUT. When I open Thermophysical Models and Properties>Liquids and Gases>Molecular Properties , the panel is rather high so it continues somewhere below my screen and no any scrolls can help me see or push the button "Apply" even with the maximum resolution of the screen
So please if you have ane idea of what to do write))

Pauli July 24, 2009 10:51

What display resolution are you running (1024x768, etc.)? Can you use a higher setting?

nottoforget July 24, 2009 15:35

1280x800. It's the maximum resolution for my notebook screen. Today I tried to open the window of Star-CD from the same note, but with the other external screen with higher resolution. It's OK now, the window of program is smaller than that other screen.
But it's not the best solution.. There must be some other thing that can help me to use Star-CD only with my note and without any additional monitors.

usker August 1, 2009 13:13

install 75dpi font

arash_7444 May 30, 2010 09:40


Originally Posted by usker (Post 224960)
install 75dpi font

I have the same problem on my laptop (my resolution is 1200x800)...does it work if i install 75dpi font? and if yes...could you tell me how should i do this?

usker May 30, 2010 19:58

It's been long time ago though. Trying to remember. I think you have to paste 75Dpi in your Windows directory and then select this font type in XVision server.

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