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Absoft and linux
Hi everyone, I have a question to all linux-user of star-cd. At my university star-cd is installed on linux machine (suse enterprise i think) but it doesn't work. i asked to the technician and he said me that probabily is absoft compiler (or something similar) missing. Now, I'm not expert in linux but this compiler is really needed in order to run star? I ask you because now the technician is on vacation for a while and i need star for my work: i will try to configure it but i need some info and the manual isn't so clear.
Thanks in advance!

Pauli July 30, 2009 16:39

A compiler is only required if you have user coded subroutines. You should be able to run the base StarCD package.

Can you provide a detailed description of what happens when you try to start Prostar? Include any screen output. July 31, 2009 01:27

as soon i will return to the laboratory i will give you all the informations. Thanks pauli for your information August 3, 2009 13:45

Problem solved: another technician has set Star on the pc. So I use this post to ask something different: i'm studying a wing with his complete structure. How can I import the solution (pressure, etc) from Star to a fem package like ansys or similar? Is it possible to work with cfd and fem in the same time like aeroelastic analysis? Thank you

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