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manuutin July 31, 2009 06:13

user defined turbulence model
Hi! I'm trying to implement a user defined turbulence model in star-cd 3.26 through subroutines vistur.f and sorkep.f, but it seems that the dissipation equation can't be activated when turbulent viscosity is user defined (vistur.f). Does anyone know a way around this (a switch maybe)?

Another thing: one can't modify the source terms in the wall adjacent cells through sorkep.f at least when standard k-eps model is used. Is this possible if turbulent viscosity is user defined (vistur.f) or does star force the no-good wall functions in that case too :mad: ?

Mika Nuutinen

sdwijeya September 30, 2009 21:11

How do you know that the dissipation equation is not working? I tried a case to incorporate streamline curveture effect into k-epsilon equation but did not get physically realistic results. The flow was accelerating and I couldnot figure out whats going on.
When I tried restricting vistur.f to only where the streamlines curve using cell sets, the code diverges.

manuutin October 1, 2009 04:08

Just by activating sorkep.f and modifying the sources only in the wall adjacent cells (through cell sets) changes nothing because star computes these sources internally based on the wall functions. I learned that Switch 12 allows to use modify k and eps through sorkep.f when vistur.f is activated. Other tricks are still required to modify the wall adjacent source terms....

A_Lyaskin October 12, 2009 07:59


Originally Posted by sdwijeya (Post 231071)
How do you know that the dissipation equation is not working?

You can see it in the run summary or at the Equation Status tab in Primary Variables - when you turn on VISTUR subroutine both k and eps will be off. You can turn k back on with SOLVE command but this doesn't work for eps.

Actually I'm facing the similar problem as manuutin - I want to use standard k-eps equations but calculate turbulent viscosity in a non-standard way. I was thinking about defining a passive scalar and treating it as eps (adding the appropriate source term for its transport equation and etc.) but it doesn't look like as reasonable solution...

SKK October 13, 2009 11:15

If I remeber correctly, there is a trick to modify vist via posdat.f. It has been ages since I've used STAR CD so I do not remeber the details properly. But if you make a search on this forum around the period of 2004-5 you might be able to find something. Using posdat you can modify data at different stages of solution, ie what goes into different equations. I think it was something like If (level.eq.1) then... using this you can change your VIST = VIST * correction or however you want to calculate it. This lets you use STAR's in build k-e solver but allowes modification ti VIST. You might have to under-relax a lot in order to avoid divergance at the initial few iterations. Hope this helps.

A_Lyaskin October 14, 2009 05:29

Thanks, SKK! I'll try the posdat hack.

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