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lilyshining August 5, 2009 02:57

Can STAR-CD solve this coupling problem
Problem: gas flows in a vibrating pipe.
I want analyse the effect of the vibration of pipe on the gas flow

CAN Star -CD do it?

anunu August 5, 2009 23:41

The morpher function is able to model the boundary motion. In the Star-CD's user guild, you can find the help about the morpher.



manuutin August 6, 2009 12:37

you can model mesh motion with newxyz.f if your mesh nodes and cells are numbered in some sensible order (cartesian i,j,k or otherwise that makes it easy to determine position according to cell nad vertex numbers. For example you have cartesion square pipe, you can easily move the vertices e.g. sinusoidally in z-direction according to the position in x-dir.

lilyshining August 6, 2009 19:36

thx for your reply. i will try it

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