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Luke August 21, 2009 12:41

Spray length and angle

Maybe anyone of you can help me. I'm simulating a diesel injection spray with StarCD Version 4.06. The results of my simulation seems to be good so far. But now I want to compare the simulation results with my experimental data and i don't know how to get the length and the angle of my simulated spray at every time step. Have I to use posdat.f? If yes, is it complicated to realize for a subroutine newby?
Thanking you in anticipation. Nice weekend.

Pauli August 21, 2009 15:02

It is possible to query droplet positions using the GUI. From the positions you can calculate penetration & cone angle. It is more efficient to do this with posdat.

Difficulty writing a posdat strongly depends on your programming skills & understanding of what the code is doing. Running in parallel further complicates matters because you need to handle the multi-processor aspect.

Luke August 24, 2009 04:51

Hello Pauli.

Thanks a lot for your answer. That's exactly what i wanted to know. So i'll try programming. Have a nice day
mfg Daniel

Luke August 25, 2009 09:48


Maybe anyone can help me again. The penetratrion of my spray is quite well but the cone angel is poorly. I use Huh's atomisation model. So if i want to increase my cone angle, i have to modify the coefficients in Huh's model (ref. Page 12-22/Table 12-1 Methodology). The problem is, that i don't know which ufile i have to use. Nice day.
mfg Daniel

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