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J-man September 28, 2009 10:24

Memory/ swap area
Hi there

I'm running pro-star/amm and when I run my auto mesh wizzard and I execute step 2 (prepare suface) the program starts running and then close down without any error message.

I think this is memory related? I have run Prosize a couple of times to increase my memory values but this seems that it keeps on giving me small values of memory required (>> 4Gb). Is there a way to specify a chunk of memory?

I read some threads on setting the swap memory size - what command will I use to do that?

I'm running windows, 32bit, 4Gb Memory, 2.1GHz duo-core, pro-star v4.10.


TMG September 29, 2009 19:43

I don't know if this is memory or not, but if you have 4GB of memory and a 32bit system, there is nothing you can do with swap to add more memory. Windows 32 will never use more than roughly 3.5GB of memory no matter what you do to it. You might have to go to a 64bit OS.

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