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petyr September 29, 2009 18:55

Data Output in Star-CD
I need help downloading data from Star-CD in text format. I've run a coal combustion problem in which ash droplets/particles "stick" to the wall. I can readily make a 3D plot of the stuck particles but I need to analyze the distribution of stuck particles. To do this I need the stuck particle location and velocity. Using a command such as:
PTPRINT, coal_const.trk, location, 1, 2400, 1
I can get the track location versus time for all particles printed on the screen which I then have to copy and paste to a text editor in small segments. My question is how can I redirect this data flow to a file or use some other utility to get this data in text format?

Pauli September 29, 2009 19:51

try ofile file.txt

petyr September 29, 2009 20:25

That's the ticket
Thanks, that was the thing I needed. Just wasn't looking in the right place for the right command.

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