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henryss October 1, 2009 03:11

Problem with restart
Good morning everybody,

I am running a simulation of an ICE with star v3.26 and an Es-Ice 2.10 model.

During the es-ice model preparation, I have set as end of the simulation 720°CA, and now I have completed successfully the simulation.

However, now I would like to restart the simulation, from 700°CA using one of the .pst file I have created during the simulation, and finish the simulation later than 720°CA, let say 800°CA for example.

What I have to do to use exactly the same model?

The only thing I would like to change is the end of the simulation, however changing it in es-ice "Star setup" panel, than I have also to set the star control panel and create the model again, and since some boundaries change numeration, I can not more use the .pst file I have.

I hope I have explained enough clearly my problem, anyway please ask me if you need more details,

thank you in advance for your kindly support,


mepgzzi October 23, 2009 08:07

I guess you might have already solved your problem.
In my experience, to re-set-up doesnt change any boundary number or cell type. I think you can just set up and use the event file newly generated.
I am not quite sure, but i think its worth a try.

manishgarg21 October 25, 2009 08:29

henryss, you need the new event file. To avoid any problem, follow these steps:
>> take the save_ice and save_es-ice file in a separate folder
>> do the star setup with new crank angle
>> take only new MAKE_EV.BAT and save_ice to the old folder
>> resume old model in Prostar, Hit the event button in the es-ice.PNL
Make sure that maxeve is set to new maximum events, and do memo write.
Now it should work.


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