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radiatn November 30, 2009 23:41

users of FSI DCI
I'm curious to know how many actual users are doing FSI using the DCI approach? Star-CD with Abaqus? :cool:

psutton December 3, 2009 03:06

I have been trying to get it working properly for about 6 weeks and have had some success with a simple case of air past a solid baffle. However, I have encountered some stability issues when I tried to introduce a VOF multi-fluid.

radiatn December 8, 2009 21:39

Hey thanks! i think it's very difficult because we have to create the moving mesh scripts for a movement yet unknown! In regular moving mesh coding, we the movement is rather simple but for FSI, we dont know yet how it shall move so maybe the MPCCI approach will be more practical? Have you used CFX-FSI, could it be more practical or easier?

psutton December 9, 2009 04:37

One of the constraints on my project is to look at FSI methods available within a given company already. This is to assess the feasibility, applicability and current status. So the only methods I can look at for FSI are CEL in abaqus and the direct couple as these are the only codes there is currently available and sufficient company expertise. On of the the recommendations may be to buy new software but for the time being I'm just trying to get these two work. I think the direct couple does the same effective job as MPCCI but all depends on the type of machines you are using to run the jobs (parallel/architecture etc).

I found the mesh morpher to be the best method for the moving mesh. With this you tie the movement to the deflection of some reference surfaces, i.e. the coupled surface. If you have support from CD I would suggest getting the example simulation they have prepared.

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